Photo of a calico kitten in a tree
Photo of a black and white puppy running through a field with a stick
Photo of two cats, a brown tabby and an orange tabby, resting together. The orange tabby is yawning.

    Welcome to the Companion Animal Behaviour and Welfare Lab!

    Ontario Veterinary College

    Our research is focused on improving the welfare of companion animals including cats, dogs and rabbits. We’re located at the Ontario Veterinary College, University of Guelph.

    Current Graduate Student Recruitment

    I am not currently recruiting for any specific graduate or postdoctoral positions. However, if you are interested in the areas that we are studying please get in touch to discuss possible options.

    Note that students in my group complete their graduate training in Epidemiology, which includes courses providing solid coverage of experimental design and analysis. You can find more information about this graduate program here. In general, thesis-based graduate students require some type of scholarship support to partially cover their stipend. I am happy to help students develop their scholarship applications if they are interested in joining my lab. I also supervise students for the coursework-based MSc program which focuses on courses and has a small 1-2 term research project. Students in this program do not receive a stipend and therefore do not need to find additional support.

    Facebook Page

    Please visit our Facebook page for updates on ongoing research as well as general news about companion animal behaviour and welfare.