The Puppy Project!

Quinn Rausch’s PhD research focuses on the effects of early management on puppy behaviour. If you are a dog breeder in Canada or the United States or even if your dog just had a litter of puppies, we would love your help!

Want to participate? Our first survey will be launching soon! Watch our Facebook page (OVC Companion Animal Behaviour and Welfare Lab) or this website for updates when the first survey is launched.

In the meantime feel free to contact Quinn with any questions:

This project will examine how early life experiences of puppies influence behavioural development. We are hoping to determine how dog breeders in Canada and the United States are managing breeding females and puppies. See below for more details!

Puppy Survey Series

Survey 1: Puppy Management

How do you care and manage your puppies’ environment from pregnancy to adoption? We would love to hear about your strategies for housing and adoption.

Survey open!

Survey 2: Puppy Socialization and Training

How do you socialize and manage early training in the first eight weeks of your puppies’ life before adoption? Share your sources and thoughts on puppy socialization with us.

Survey 3: Puppy Competition Management

How do you introduce puppies to resources like food, treats and toys? Have you found certain ways of presentation or management works for you?

Breeding Bitch Survey Series

Survey 4: Breeding Selection

How do you pick animals for breeding and what is important to you when selecting? Do you look for certain things or avoid certain things?

Survey 5: Bitch Management

How do you take care of breeding bitches and what practices do you find important when managing them with their litters?

Results of these studies will allow us to determine how to best manage, train and socialize puppies while they are still with the breeder, and in the adoptive home. We hope to work with breeders to improve canine breeding programs.